South Brevard Beekeepers
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A partner with the Florida State Beekeepers Association

​"Build the Lab"

Getting Started
Meeting time and place
-Committed to the preservation, protection, and proliferation of the Honey bee through education and outreach.
-To provide local beekeepers with the resources, education and opportunity to network and share resources.
-To connect the new beekeeper with information, support, and resources to establish beekeeping through best practice management.
Every Month SBB hosts a "New Bee" orientation.  This is an opportunity for first timers, new beekeepers, ("beeks") or prospective beeks to have a basic orientation in how to get started in beekeeping. "New bees" meet at 6:30 PM (30 minutes before our advertised meeting time).  We will introduce you to our mentor program, basic equipment and an overview of rules and regulations that may affect you.  We will also provide you with resources, and make you aware of educational opportunities to help you begin. 
SBB meets the second Tuesday of  every month. 
-"New Bee" orientation: 6:30 PM
-Regular meeting, 7:00 PM

Christian Development Center
343 Nail St NE,
Palm Bay, Florida 32907

​​Interested in Beekeeping

But don't know where to start?

The past few years have seen a dramatic decline in Honey bee population and health.  Many have responded to the crisis by determining to establishing a bee hive of their own.  But alas,  the many questions about regulations, equipment, resources and their basic lack of Honey bee knowledge has brought their lofty intentions, crashing to the ground. Even the wealth of information on the "net" sometimes seems more confusing than helpful. 

South Brevard Beekeepers, are a group of LOCAL "beeks" (our abbreviation of beekeeper)  ranging from some of the most experienced beeks in the area to novices.  Our meetings give you an opportunity to ask questions, participate in discussions, and experience  our onsite apiary.  Our goal is to help the new and novice beek overcome the sometimes frustrating hurdles that accompany this new endeavor.  Our meetings are Free, Fun, Family friendly and a wealth of information and encourgement. 
You will find our meeting location is an added BONUS as well.  Avalon Hydroponic Farm, is accessable, and even has activities for the kids.  e.g.  the chicken coop, play ground, and family picnic area.  They will soon have a built in observation hive as well!
What We Do
Why We Do It
South Brevard Beekeepers (SBB) was established to give beeks at all levels a chance to meet, and interact face to face.  Florida, indeed South Brevard, presents challanges that are unique to this area.  Heat, Africanized bees, pests, are problems best discussed with local and experienced beeks.  Our monthly meetings provide for expert consultation and advice. 
The reasons people are attracted to keeping bees are as varied as their are people.  Preservation, the ability to experience "farming" right in your back yard,  educating your kids, the satisfaction and joy of watching a colony florish, thearpy, etc. etc.  One thing in common, we LOVE the Bee's. 
Community Outreach
Join Us
Education is key to helping preserve the Honey Bee.  Our club will send a speaker to your classroom, club, event or fair.  As circumstances allow, we can bring an observation hive of live honey bees so kids and adults can get an actual up close encounter without the danger.  Schedule us and see how much fun Education can bee.  All speakers are offered FREE of Charge.
No reservation or response is necessary, just "show up" at our meetings and be a part of the excitement.  If you would like more info you can reach us at 321.243.2500.  You can also click the "Join Now" button below, where you will be directed to our data base and invited to create a profile.  This will immediately put you on our e-mail list including notifications of any and all upcoming events.  You will also be on our beekeepers exchange where members can exchange information or Equipment.

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